About Us

We are the team at the Automotive Diagnostics School. Our School opened in 2011.


Our fundamental goal is to train automotive repair specialists literally “at home”. We produce automotive diagnostic training videos. With our knowledge, you will be able to successfully provide new services and make money as soon as your first day of work.


Our purpose is to make you an expert in your field, teach you to correctly understand how a modern-day engine works, help you master the latest diagnostic techniques, and teach you how to perform diagnostics through the proper application of diagnostic tools.


We are doing this, because in Russia and in other countries there is a large shortage of competent diagnosticians, colleges and universities don’t teach diagnostics, and we want you to become an automotive diagnostics professional.


  • 84 hours of automotive diagnostic training videos
  • Over 1500 students in 145 towns of Russia and Europe
  • 10 years’ practical work in the field of automotive
  • 4 years’ experience in creating training videos
  • 11 educational institutions in Russia and Ukraine that use our method to teach automotive diagnostics
  • 9 partners and dealers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.


The most sought-after and complicated automotive repair services:

Our very first training video was released in 2011 and received many enthusiastic comments and acknowledgements. The tutorial’s success inspired us to do further work. Engine diagnostics training is currently our main business.


Aleksey Pakhomov
Aleksey Pakhomov – Automotive diagnostician, teacher, and training video author. He has often participated in Russian conventions for automotive diagnosticians and chip tuners.

Maria Artemova
Maria Artemova – Webmaster. She maintains and promotes our website.

Olga Kapina
Olga Kapina– Director of the Automotive Diagnostics School. She has the hardest job – to coordinate and direct our work.

Julia Chernitcyna
Julia Chernitcyna – Webmaster and social network marketer. Thanks to Julia, foks on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki and other social networks know about us.

Timofey Zakharov
Timofey Zakharov - Camera operator and editor. He creates all the videos you watch on our website and in classes.

Valentina Bessmertnykh
Valentina Bessmertnykh – Customer Relationship Manager.

We work at Office 11, Building 11 V, Kholmogorova Street, Izhevsk, Russian Federation.
We work at Office 11, Building 11 V, Kholmogorova Street, Izhevsk, Russian Federation.

This is our office
This is our office.

the process of creating a training video
This is the process of creating a training video. Classes are taught at Izhevsk Polytechnic College by Aleksey Pakhomov, while Timofey Zakharov makes a video recording.

We have a lot of long-term objectives. First, we are adding content to our website: new articles on engine diagnostics and videos. Second, work is underway to translate our training videos into English and German. Third, we’ll continue to improve what we have already achieved, though the “Pakhomov Training Video” brand long ago became synonymous with quality and simplicity of understanding.

We would be very glad to help you enter the in-demand profession of automotive diagnostician!