Valegzhanin Maksim

The first thing I noticed was the presentation of the material: it aroused my interest from the very first lecture and I want to keep watching without stopping.

The “mosaic” method (mentioned at the beginning of the introductory lecture is an effective way to deliver the material): Aleksey Anatolyevich has implemented it in the tutorial just brilliantly; at the end of each lecture, there is a summary, creating the big picture of what has been discussed, rather than separate fragments. I’d like to note that the tutorial contains no idle talk. That is, there’s not a single superfluous word – everything is to the point. I’d also like to draw attention to how complicated things and processes are explained in simple accessible language.

One of Aleksey Anatolyevich’s remarkable talents is teaching!

For me, this course provided comprehensive information in petrol engine diagnostics!