Ocheretyany Vladimir

Hello, Aleksey! 

I am your colleague – a professor at the Kharkov Mechanical Technical School named after A.A. Morozov. I like your exposition. I like how you carry yourself in front of the audience. It was a pleasure for me to watch your demo video lessons. I won’t be wrong if I say that you are a top-class professor, though I know that you are not teaching in a college.

I’ve already downloaded everything you have suggested. Thank you very much. Invaluable help.

The Student’s Exercise Book – I liked it a lot. Just unique. I’ve never encountered anything like this before – it’s like everything is done by the same hand. These are real reference signals – the basis of a qualified professional education.

Now, I’m having another problem – I’m sinking in the abundance of material. But that’s nothing, I’ll make it – I’ll find “the beginning of the thread” and unwind it. Now I have work for many years ahead to figure it all out (it’s going to be quite difficult without practice at the auto repair shop).