Our Students

Valegzhanin Maksim

The first thing I noticed was the presentation of the material: it aroused my interest from the very first lecture and I want to keep watching without stopping.

The “mosaic” method (mentioned at the beginning of the introductory lecture is an effective way to deliver the material): Aleksey Anatolyevich has implemented it in the tutorial just brilliantly; at the end of each lecture, there is a summary, creating the big picture of what has been discussed, rather than separate fragments. I’d like to note that the tutorial contains no idle talk. That is, there’s not a single superfluous word – everything is to the point. I’d also like to draw attention to how complicated things and processes are explained in simple accessible language.

One of Aleksey Anatolyevich’s remarkable talents is teaching!

For me, this course provided comprehensive information in petrol engine diagnostics!

Ocheretyany Vladimir

Hello, Aleksey! 

I am your colleague – a professor at the Kharkov Mechanical Technical School named after A.A. Morozov. I like your exposition. I like how you carry yourself in front of the audience. It was a pleasure for me to watch your demo video lessons. I won’t be wrong if I say that you are a top-class professor, though I know that you are not teaching in a college.

I’ve already downloaded everything you have suggested. Thank you very much. Invaluable help.

The Student’s Exercise Book – I liked it a lot. Just unique. I’ve never encountered anything like this before – it’s like everything is done by the same hand. These are real reference signals – the basis of a qualified professional education.

Now, I’m having another problem – I’m sinking in the abundance of material. But that’s nothing, I’ll make it – I’ll find “the beginning of the thread” and unwind it. Now I have work for many years ahead to figure it all out (it’s going to be quite difficult without practice at the auto repair shop).

Karpov Gennady

Dear Aleksey, I’m letting you know that I’ve received the material you sent, and I have watched all 8 disks. I have no words to describe my impressions. The only regret is that I haven’t had it before, as I’m 65 years old, but I think it will be useful to my grandchildren if they feel like working in this area.

Thank you for your job! I wish you further success in your good deeds. I wish you the best of luck and health.

Sukhov Sergey

Hello, Aleksey Anatolyevich.
I’ve received your engine diagnostics training and begun to study it. In spite of 20-year experience as a driver and car mechanic, I’m opening a lot of new stuff for myself. Everything is comprehensible and simple. Training is going on in one breath. All is very interesting and relevant; there is nothing in excess.

Thank you very much for your job!

Shchetinkin Boris Leonidovich

Thank you, Aleksey Anatolyevich! As a coach, I know how exhaustive any training is, especially when you are completely devoted to it.

Your systematic approach to preparing material and your teaching method are worthy of respect. Trust a man who knows what the system is and who has been training managers of all levels for many years already. It’s a shame that Helvetius’ thought – knowing principles does not free us from knowing some facts – is not perceived by many as a guide for action. It would have helped them to improve the efficiency of study many times. The mosaic you are drawing up is easy and simple to understand. Congratulations!

Minakov Sergey

Good evening, Aleksey!! I like your engine diagnostics courses more and more, and I’m so glad I’ve found them on the Internet! No-one would ever tell me this like you do; it is, as they say, “bread”. You explain various issues and concepts very well and comprehensively, thank you!

Lukashov Dmitry

Hello, Aleksey! Today I received the vehicle diagnostic course and watched the introductory lecture. After watching it, I was inspired to get more involved in diagnostics. I’d like to give you a GREAT BIG thank-you for your work!!! I wish you luck!!!!

Kochanov Andrey

Hello Aleksey, 
Thank you for the automotive diagnostics training! I received it today and have already started to review it.

You are an undeniable natural-born teacher. In parallel, I’m attending (evening) classes in automotive diagnostics, and trust me on this – it’s as different as day and night.

Trushin Ilya

Hello, Aleksey! I bought your tutorial; so far I have watched about 65% of the lectures. Before purchasing your auto diagnostic courses, I had my doubts as to whether I should spend my money on it. Because at the time I thought I knew everything anyway, and if not everything – at least 85%; so what new things could I draw out of your lectures? And though I haven’t yet watched to the end, I have realized that I knew nothing at all about how the car, and particularly the engine, is designed and works. Well, of course, I knew something, but it was so little as compared to what your lectures have given me.

Thank you very much for your tremendous work and patience! Wishing you all the very best!